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Maintaining an extensive database of Telegram accounts is not an easy task for a user, especially when configuration required and the uniqueness of each account, performing routine actions with usernames, bio, avatars. If you do significant amounts of information, such manipulations can be carried out manually for weeks or months. Therefore, on One Dash professional software comes to help marketers working in Telegram. Its built-in manager accounts are able to minimize the time spent on working with absolutely any profiles: from real ones corporate to fake, created specifically for cheating. It is enough to register a batch accounts via the the same OneDashor import ready-made accounts into the software, after which you can configure any settings public data in just a couple of clicks. The application is implemented in Russian, impresses with an abundance of functions, has intuitive interface. You can understand its capabilities without any problems, even without having experience working with similar programs. Let's consider each of the options for One Dash Telegram separately.



Overview of functions

  • Export accounts-allows you to log in to your account via the standard Desktop messenger Telegram. Click here click on the "get number" button, enter it in the messenger and get the access code. After which we enter and use it. This can be useful for manual control in TG or for monitoring OneDash processes bot. Also have ability to export accounts to a special one .od format in order to make it any convenient the moment you could upload (import) your accounts to the program.

  • Under the "Account Checker" option, there is a module for mass checking of any number of accounts for their availability. Before you start working, it is recommended to use it and filter the accounts from blocked or unavailable ones. If the database is old, you need to update it. If you already worked with with these accounts for cheating or spam, it is necessary to determine whether some of the aks got into the ban for that, to adjust further work.

  • Simultaneous "Change of names" of all designated users, allows you to correct not only first names, but also surnames written in brackets. To use it, you need to enter new data in the format "First Name: Last Name". To increase the visual accuracy of this information, it is recommended to alternate pseudo-users, specifying only the first names, in this case, the last names will not be specified.

  • The button of mass "Change of avatars" is another important point of giving to user pages. natural vida. You can upload your own list of avatars to be installed in random order, or use the preset set of images in the software.

  • By clicking "Delete old avatars" , you can clean all the old photos in those accounts in one click, with whom simultaneous work is underway. The relevance of this option can be dictated as outdated avatars, requiring urgent replacement, and the desire to refresh the profiles, adjust to a certain an advertising campaign.

  • "Change of bio" is used for deep study of profiles, giving them maximum efficiency. authenticity and originality against the background of analogues. We are talking about the correction of personal data indicated in the the line "About me". It is used if a third-party database is being processed or its own is being upgraded, as well as when you need to create a "human-like" effect for each account. Activated by movement the slider and by entering the appropriate text that appears in the specific user description. Depending on the purpose of this work, it is proposed to use the generation of random data or the introduction of original ones information that characterizes the page owner, manually.

  • В поле "Смена юзернеймов" допускается выполнить оперативную замену ников для n-нного количества учеток. Приложение предоставляет возможность установки рандомных юзернеймов, а также выгрузки имен пользователей из списка на компьютере. Эта кнопка применяется не только для рабочих ботов, но и для новых пользователей Телеграма. По умолчанию, все свежезарегистрированные юзеры лишены уникального идентификатора, с помощью которого их могут найти другие участники соцсети. Поэтому требуется установка такого username, чтобы пользователь стал доступен для коммуникации.

  • "Deleting old usernames" helps to clean up the list of akks, reset it, deleting all the names, which were previously registered (for example, by another employee). It can be requested within the framework of the visual updates infobase, providing it with maximum realism, as well as before global configuration user accounts for specific goals and objectives of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • Clicking the "Change 2FA" button allows you to change passwords for two-factor authentication. There are two work options: setting specific passwords assigned by the user manually, or random generation characters.

  • The "Online status" function allows you to create the appearance of a permanent location of the selected users. accounts in the status "online". By activating it, you can increase the trust of third parties to subscribers channel, even if the latter never really existed. You can simulate being "online" like everyone else fakes, and selected profiles. It also makes sense to alternate accounts online to avoid suspicion. This function it is used as part of the promotion of the target audience and creating visibility of the group's attendance live people.

To date, One Dash Telegram is the best software for mass adjustment references records available in the CIS countries. Its advantages have been appreciated by thousands of professionals involved in promotion to social networks. The software has a presentable appearance, extensive functionality and can be purchased it is inexpensive both for a short period of time (within the tariff) and for a long period of time.

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