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One Dash Telegram is a powerful harvester that can be customized to meet the needs of any user through a huge variety of options. The main task of the software is a comprehensive promotion and promotion of your group, chat or Telegram channel. It is solved by inviting, spam, cheating, auto-registration, parsing and other functions.

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The most functional TG software!
Created to solve all promotion problems:
From inviter to registrar.

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🔥 7 days for $7.9 🔥

The most functional TG software!
Created to solve all promotion problems:
From inviter to registrar.

Features of One Dash
High speed
Software can work in multi-threaded mode, performing several tasks simultaneously.
This is effective
Get a lot of traffic and make money on it.
Flexible configuration
Software will adapt to each user.
Full documentation
Video documentation of all important issues for working in Telegram
Telegram promotion opportunities
Parser Multitasking tool for collecting target audience and its subsequent filtering by multiple criteria. Also advanced search for thematic channels and groups.
Send messages Bulk sending messages to a huge number of users. Leading speed of work, the ability to attach images, blacklist, autoresponder. spam by logins and groups. An excellent solution for the most effective advertising campaign.
Inviter Wind up a channel or group with bots, creating the appearance of a lot of activity. Or invite a real target audience with just a few clicks.
Account Registrar Forget purchased accounts. With our integrated registrar, you can provide yourself with a large volume of accounts at the lowest cost.
Cheat views Attract public attention to your sponsored posts by boosting views. Build loyalty to your project.
Account Manager Convenient management of your accounts and bulk editing of many parameters (username, bio, avatar, 2FA and more).
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Popular questions:

Can I run software on VPS\VDS?

What do you need to get started?
Presence of 1 Telegram account.

Is there an opportunity to promote the group?
Yes of course. We have an invitee for this.

What numbers can I register accounts with?
To virtual numbers from SMS services.

How can I add my own TG account to the software?
Use SMS authorization and login using the code. Or you can import the tdata folder from the Desktop messenger.

Will the program heavily load PC resources?
No, the program works on requests and does not load the PC at all even in a large number of threads.

Does the program have a message editor?
Yes, a complete analogue of what is in the telegram itself. There is also the possibility of spintax text uniqueization.

Do you have a blacklist and how does it work?
This function allows you to save data about messages that have already been sent to avoid re-sending. This list can be downloaded or exported.

Current limits in Telegram
Sending a message without a link - up to 45 messages.
spam using a link - up to 10 messages.
The maximum number of users for inviting is 50 users.
Timing (pause) when sending messages - 5-15 seconds.
Timing when inviting users - 10-20 sec
We recommend using proxy/accounts in a 1 to 1 ratio (1 proxy - 1 account).
High-quality accounts already ready to work can be purchased on our website
If you register your own accounts, then you need to stay at least 3-5 days before starting work.

Channel Telegram Promotion — live subscribers

It is not always easy to popularize your information product among potential future customers. Need understand where to invite users from, how to present your project to them, and how to encourage following. The service promotion of the channel's Telegrams by live subscribers One Dash provides comprehensive assistance in organizing and conducting all these processes, contributes to obtaining the best effect from the chosen marketing campaign strategies. Software provides a set of tools that allow you to:

  • find the sources of the followers ' traffic;

  • select representatives of the target audience from groups of related topics, form a database of contacts for follow-up work;

  • compose and send a message to the users of the messenger;

  • buy bots for Telegram channel promotion;

  • encourage people to view previously posted posts;

  • perform a mass invite;

  • break through the existing customer base for the registration of its representatives in Tg.

On our website online the promotion of the Telegram channel can be configured in accordance with the goals and expectations a specific business. You can increase the number of readers gradually, or you can intensify this process for the sake of rapid development of the project.

There are no restrictions on the use of this software (in addition to the limits set in the program itself). social networks). In almost any advertising or information channel for which the promotion in Telegram is relevant, live ones subscribers will be added en masse, once you activate the corresponding functions inside applications. Deadlines promotions may vary, but, as the practice of our customers shows, in just a few minutes weeks can be make an empty account a promoted and visited resource with hundreds of active participants and thousands views content.

Another pleasant surprise for those who are considering the possibility of purchasing One Dash for their own use, it lies in the affordable price of our development. As soon as potential customers find out how much the program for the promotion of the Telegram channel costs, they immediately make a purchase decision, and soon start successfully earn money in Telegram. We do not inflate the cost of our know-how, we offer an adequate price list. There are possibility select a weekly, monthly, multi-month, or permanent sublist. For individuals who plan a long-term usage As a product, we guarantee the provision of excellent discounts and provide regular software updates.

Promotion and promotion of the group in Telegram

The owners of thematic Telegram chats are no less interested in development than the authors of the channels yours the brainchild, the competent promotion of the group in the Telegram. To maintain the greatest activity on such sites, first of all, high traffic, a significant number of subscribers, and the presence of experts among them are required in the required directions. Finding and adding such people on your own is a time-consuming task, what you can't do tell us about the program methods of working with the audience, many of which are automated and, thus,, save a lot of time to the event organizer.

The promotion of the group in Telegram , available to users of One Dash, can be combined (with the involvement of both bots, as well as real people) or aimed only at working with the target audience. For different schemes there are its own mechanisms that have been tested by time and numerous marketers. Utilities such as autoregistrator and subscriber fraud allow you to create the appearance of active development of the group, while mailing lists messages and autoresponders, parsers and invites allow you to build communication with real people, gradually turning them into a loyal audience. Of course, in order for the project not to stall at the initial stage, it must be initially original and interesting to the participants.

Available for implementation in OneDash, Telegram chat promotion is a flexible algorithm actions, leading to an increase in the number of subscribers and the deployment of full-fledged communication on the page shared discussions. This option can be used to work with resources of any orientation and subject: from student chatter and exchange of memes to international business negotiations, legal advice, psychological help.

Promoting channel Telegrams from scratch: the best ways

One Dash Telegram is a broad-profile development that has proven itself equally well in working with users of any age and orientation. It helps to pull out groups whose owners have been around for a long time lost it the hope of ever being promoted, encourages the expansion of channels with an already established audience and turns out to be especially popular. effective in working with zero resources that do not yet have followers at all. For each of the cases software offers its own ways of resuscitation and / or promotion. A modern webmaster can choose how to select individual effective development schemes, and connect them together to get the best result.

During the operation of our software, effective methods were formed and tested promotions Telegram channel from scratch, which is used by every second person who downloads the app on yours the device. Here are some of them:

  • Using the "parser" option, you can isolate groups with similar motives in the social network (ideally, it is good promoted, with a huge number of visitors), collect the contacts of their participants, so that then to entice these add people to your account. This is a jewelry multi-pass operation, the profit from which is the most valuable participants from Central Asia, which can stimulate the further development of the project, become the key to its success monetization.

  • The "invite" function allows you to invite people to your home in large numbers. Despite the fact, what's official you can invite no more than 200 people, the program has ways to increase the audience in the Internet. bypassing this limitations. The best method in this series is a mailing strategy, in which potential customers subscribers are sent messages with the channel name and a link to it. If the message turns out to be relevant for the recipient, the one with the highest probability of signing up.

  • Your own and other people's chats, where there is activity, people exchange information, there is regular season, they can become an excellent platform for advertising channels (including free ones). For example, if pre-create a post on your channel that solves a certain problem, and then write to the chat with request to help solve it, then it is quite legal to write that the answer was found on such-and-such channel (ideally - insert a link to it).

  • Order a bot to promote the Telegram channel or group to quickly improve the parameters project, another one a tricky smm technique. Moreover, the bots can be different. Some of them are aimed at growth the audience. Numbers in The "Subscribers" column quickly changed from single digits to three-and four-digit ones. This will increase the status the project and its credibility in the eyes of real users who will come later. The chances of this The potential for CA growth is much higher than that of those with zero followers. Other bots will help you to maintain an illusion constant communication in dialogues, throwing up certain questions.

  • Having both a channel and a group discussion within the same topic, you can use tricky methods modules that are restrict the ability to write messages in a group for people who are not readers designated the channel.

  • Users of the Telegram channel promotion service OneDash also automatically open access to communities of professionals specializing in promotion in messengers. Experienced experts ready to provide any possible assistance in setting up the software, using it, as well as in solving problems that arise during the operation of the problem program. In such chats, you can not only get tips that are usually not available they lie on the surface, but also listen to the opinions of different people on their issue, which allows you to better to perform the situation and choose the optimal solution.

In fact, a variety of tactics, due to which you can make your brainchild popular, visited, relevant for the population, very large. Our app provides the opportunity to try out all of them and choose the best combinations for each specific case.

To buy a program to promote the Telegram channel you can find the appropriate form purchases on on the main page of the site or contact our support contacts. We will advise you in detail and we will respond to all questions that arise.