Telegram Parser: OneDash Telegram bot

While developing your own channel or chat in Telegram, each account owner is faced with the need increasing the number of project participants. Otherwise, the resource will be unprofitable, unable to bring profit in the future. Ideally, you should increase the number of readers at the expense of representatives of the target audience. the audience, as they act as potential consumers of a product or service. But how to reach these people? In the solution for this task helps Telegram parser. This is a special software aimed at collecting and processing data. information from The goal is to get a list of messenger users who meet certain criteria. Parsers in to a large extent they save the marketer time by preparing a starting base of contacts with which to work. farther. Programs, those who perform target parsing are quite legal and do not violate any laws, because their main task is - systematic processing of publicly available data.

One of the most high-speed and multi-functional products on the market today today, acts as a < b>bot parser for telegram OneDash Telegram. Its essence boils down to the following: the user selects, who and from where it will parse, after which the application performs its own search, providing The output is ready a list of nicknames that are quite suitable for subsequent inviting. This software:

  • available for everyone;

  • easy to handle;

  • multi-filter;

  • easily customizable;

  • high-speed;

  • running smoothly.

The telegram parser from OneDash is almost unparalleled, because it is equally effective for parsing channels, groups, and usernames. It's the perfect tool to find your target audience and get started interaction with it.



Telegram Login Parser: collecting the target audience

A huge number of users from different countries of the world are registered in the Telegram system. Part of the they are quite we could become participants in your discussions or readers of your channels (and therefore – your own potential customers customers). Finding such people to make them an appropriate offer, just helps login parser in the "OneDash" telegram. Among its features are:

  • single-and multithreaded parsing (simultaneous attraction of visitors to one or more sites groups, you will need specify links to them);

  • selection of active users (the frequency of access to the messenger is configured; in the hidden line the statuses can be select contacts that were online recently, visited during the week, during the month, or were long ago);

  • filtering users by a number of additional parameters: the presence of avatars, online presence, register in general groups;

  • parsing not only participants, but also chat administrators.

Attention! The developers of Telegram have set a limit on viewing the audience of channels, this information completely closed, so OneDash selects users only from group chats.

The list of users provided by the system can be edited at its discretion, imported contacts and export them, as well as combine data obtained from checking multiple channels Telegram.

The target audience parser in Telegram also has a unique functionality for parsing phone calls. numbers. For businesses and organizations that already have some customer base may be interested in the option checks of these contacts for their presence in the Telegram. The part of the clients that will turn out to be registered in the system, it is worth first of all to include in the lists for an invite or mailing list, because they are a priori loyal users.

The Telegram login parser , presented by the OneDash team of authors, is extremely high speed performing user tasks. It takes less than 60 seconds to process 10,000 accounts with various parameters.



Parser of channels and groups in Telegram

In addition to compiling registers with the names of specific users of the cross-platform messenger, OneDash offers a reliable telegram chat parser and a similar utility for channels. This functionality allows you to find network connections resources that contain the keywords you are looking for. The software uses different search servers (to choose from customer), referring to, mainly, the most significant of them, such as Yahoo, Google, Yandex, etc., can be additionally set up a limit resources, skip pages, select a file to save the results.

  • The telegram channel parser, built into the OneDash program, helps you find information and entertainment pages that are present in this social network and correspond to one or more multiple characteristics specified when configuring the search. This option is relevant for the investigation specific topics, sketch out a vision about your competitors, the examination of the materials submitted in their accounts. Using telegram channel parser properly, you can perform selection and structuring thematic projects for for any purpose. But it is worth remembering that parsing logins from channels is not possible, since their CA not available for viewing by persons who are not administrators.

  • Telegram chat parser works according to a similar algorithm, with the only difference that the resulting set groups can be used in a broader way. The fact is that the composition of the groups is not closed for Of course, their members are visible, and the nickname is publicly available. Usually such a parsing performed in order to, to form a database of chats telegrams for its systematic circumvention and mass inviting it representatives. In the discussions, you can also search for topics for your materials, calculate the most active ones users, etc. The telegram group parser OneDash helps to prepare the ground for further manipulations with contact details data and evaluate the probability of success within a specific topic.

To parse groups or channels in Telegram, you will need to use the "Search" section. After parameter settings and after clicking the "SEARCH" button, the system will give the result in the form of a catalog of TG resources within a couple of minutes, relevant the specified profile.

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